Optimal conditions in your warehouse

T Comm Telematics understands that you want to offer your customers the best possible service including warehouse facilities. We offer innovative wireless solutions for your warehouse, cold store and cross dock. Naturally, also for your Pharma storage.
We offer innovative solutions for your warehouse:

✅ Temperature sensor: real-time monitoring and surveillance of your warehouse

✅ Door sensor: Real-time monitoring of your door status

✅ Reefer running hours sensor: For running hours and service

✅ Reefer on/off sensor: With automatic alarms

✅ Humidity sensor: Storageconditions always under control


From the moment the product leaves the factory, transport companies are often responsible for the entire process “from soil to spoon”. Integrity control, safety and quality are therefore essential in the logistics process. Think of products like Pharma, fruit and vegetables, meat, chocolate and fish. Your quality and safety are essential to T Comm. We guarantee optimum conditions and also work according to high quality guidelines and are also certified according to international standards.

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Benefits of warehouse solutions


✅ Full control of your (cold) chain

✅ Taking immediate action in case of calamities

✅ Acting on door status

✅ Regulating humidity for (food and pharma) safety

Service level

✅ Infinite number of sensors possible for complete coverage of all zones

✅ Automatic alerting and reporting, including via the iOS and Android ACT app 

✅ Easy fulfilment of agreements with customers 

✅ Your fleet and warehouse visible on 1 platform and app


✅ Fully comply with the requirements for IFS, GDP, BRC, etc.

✅ Avoiding annoying discussions and possible claims

✅ Insight into the entire (cold) chain, including your warehouse

Companies that chose our warehouse solutions