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Do you have 24/7 control over the temperature and cargo in all your trailers?

  • 24/7 real-time insight into your transport conditions
  • Monitoring and recording of the exact temperature
  • See at a glance where all your vehicles are
  • Take immediate action in the event of an emergency
  • Be able to proactively keep your customer informed
  • ​Conclusive evidence in case of calamities and cargo damage
These transporters went for it!

Trailer Tracking Software: Wireless tracking and recording system for (refrigerated) trailers

Recording is evidence

The certified online trailer tracking and recording system from T Comm Telematics allows you to monitor the location and exact temperature in all your (refrigerated) trailers in real time, receive automatic alarm notifications and receive a conclusive report by e-mail after every trip, both to you and to your customer. Many leading transport companies in both the conditioned and non-conditioned sector experience the advantages of T Comm Telematics. You can guarantee the quality of your service, provide immediate evidence in the event of cargo damage and thus prevent annoying disputes and damage claims!

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Trailer tracking software with wireless measurement and registration

Determine location of trailers 24/7

Trailer track main module

Real-time monitoring of your cargo

Wireless temperature sensor

Registration of each opening/closing

Wireless door sensor

Prevents unauthorised access

Wireless tailgate sensor

Protect yourself against fuel theft

Wireless fuel level sensor

With automatic alarm notification

Wireless chiller on/off sensor

That's why you choose T Comm Telematics

Independent and fully under your control

  24/7 wireless temperature registration of the entire fleet
  User-friendly web portal with real-time monitoring
  Automatic email and SMS alarm notification and report
  5-year guarantee on battery life and 5-year data storage
  EN-12830, EN-13485, EN-13486 and ISO-27001 certified

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