Temperature registration

Relatively small variations in temperature can have a huge impact on the quality and value of fresh products. Real-time monitoring of your load enables you to intervene in time and prevent spoiling.

T Comm Telematics registers temperature patterns during temperature-controlled transportation. The wireless temperature sensors provide real-time insight into the ambient temperature of your goods in transit and send the recorded values to the base unit every minute. The base unit sends the data to the server every ten minutes. As soon as the temperature moves outside the specified range, the system (if desired) sends out a warning notification by e-mail and/or text message to the person responsible. A temperature report of all the recorded values can easily be printed off via the web portal, according to the HACCP regulations, without the need to record these values manually.

The system can be connected to existing temperature recorders of large refrigeration system manufacturers, so that the thermostat setting and refrigeration unit's running hours can be read.

Added value for your customers

Real-time monitoring gives you permanent insight into the temperature patterns throughout the entire journey and enables you to show proof that the goods have been transported under the correct conditions. This will make you a reliable partner, in turn enabling your customers to satisfy all the strict requirements they need to meet.

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