Quality assurance during the transportation of day-old chicks and hatching eggs using temperature registration in the Chickliner fleet

Chickliner from Renswoude, a specialist in transporting day-old chicks and hatching eggs throughout Europe, has equipped its trailers with T Comm Telematics temperature registration. Thanks to this equipment and realtime monitoring, Chickliner is able to make journeys covering thousands of kilometres without detriment to the chicks or hatching eggs.

Temperatures in the load space are strictly monitored by degrees

Chickliner transports day-old chicks and hatching eggs throughout Europe under the highest achievable conditions. The realtime temperature monitoring by T Comm Telematics makes it possible to constantly control the climate in the load space by degrees. A constant temperature and the right moisture and oxygen levels ensure that loss during transport is restricted to a minimum.

Checking the vulnerability of the chicks

Mees Hazeleger, owner of Chickliner: "Day-old chicks and hatching eggs are exceptionally vulnerable and require as few temperature fluctuations as possible. The trucks in which the chicks and hatching eggs are transported are specially equipped for this type of transport. In order to transport the chicks as safely as possible, the temperatures in our trucks are measured in three places; the suction air, the return air and in 2/3 of the load space. The constant monitoring of the temperatures in the load space is essential for keeping loss during transport to a minimum. These systems enable us to follow and monitor our vehicles in realtime. We are able to check the location and temperatures of all our vehicles at any time of day."

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