Costs in the pharmaceutical cold chain are increasing

According to the 2016 Biopharma Cold Chain Sourcebook of Pharmaceutical Commerce the cost for the cooling of medications (2-8 ° c) increase with about 7 percent per year. That means a cost increase of 41 percent for the period 2014-2020.

As to the pharmaceutical logistics as a whole, the Sourcebook estimates the cold chain currently represents 19 percent (12.6 billion) of the total (78.8 billion) . Of the 12.6 billion $ 9 billion is transport and $ 3 billion to specialised tertiary packaging and instrumentation, such as insulated boxes, phase change materials, sea containers with active temperature control, and temperature sensors and temperature recorders. The share of the cold chain in the pharmaceutical logistics is expected to amount to 22 percent by 2020, or 16.7 billion of the total $ 93.8 total logistics costs in this industry than covers.


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