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Protect your refrigeration trailers against fuel theft

Fuel theft is a growing problem in the transport sector. Valuable fuel is stolen from refrigeration motors on refrigeration trailers, which is costly and causes damage to vehicles. T Comm Telematics has developed a wireless fuel-level sensor for refrigeration trailers that protects them against this type of theft.

When a trailer is stationary, the sensor accurately records the amount of fuel in the tank. If the level drops significantly within a short period of time, the person responsible receives a warning notification by text message and/or e-mail.

This wireless fuel theft prevention system enables the people at the office to see how much fuel is in, and goes out of, the tank. Theft can therefore be detected quickly, allowing you to take immediate action.

You will receive a warning as soon as the fuel in the tank reaches the reserve level, so that you know when it needs to be replenished.

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